Beautiful centerpiece done by Mama Khanna and her friend Kasey.
Freddie the Little Cado tree planted on 4/25/2020 to commemorate our wedding license signing day.
During quarantine, we have definitely been doing our part contributing to the economy. Thank goodness for Amazon, or this shelter in place move would not have been possible.
We had no idea our new home had cherry blossoms! The day we went to pick up our keys we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by this beauty.
We just moved in and we are in love with the house! Thank you for the couch Kathy + Jerry and Grandma Pauline + Grandpa Hom, we love it! And for our coffee table Linda + Rick <3
Home sweet home <3
For our first couple halloween costume, we decided to bring our ethnic backgrounds into the mix - Butter Chicken & Orange Chicken. Unfortunately you can't see our hats too well in this picture, but that's where the flavor labels are clearly marked ;-).
Celebrating the wedding of our friends, Julie and Saquib, in Seattle!
Halfway to Mcaig's Tower in Oban, Scotland! June 2019.
Engagement day! Eric proposed to Sonal at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts followed by a surprise party with close friends and family at the Frasch's home nearby.
Exploring the ruins in Ayutthya, Thailand. 

In case you were wondering, Eric was helping Sonal achieve ideal hair volume.
One of the best days ever! Eric gifted Sonal a full day and night with Karen Tribe Native Elephants. An organization rescuing elephants, Sonal's favorite animal. There isn't a single photo where Sonal isn't staring at the majestic animals with an ear to ear smile. Eric definitely nailed it.
Blurry but goody! Right after the proposal <3
Eric tickling Sonal and Hangar One in Alameda.
Isle of Skye might be our favorite place on the planet (so far)! This is us standing in front of Kilt Rock. Sonal is keeping her face on Eric because it was freezing and he is a radiator.
Coachella!! (before we started dating)
Highline in NYC
Pumpkin carving! Eric's Porsche pumpkin was actually really impressive and you should ask us to see a photo.
While we look very much like a couple here, we definitely were not! Several years ago before we became a thing.
Our first New Years together as a couple. Not the first time Sonal pulled away from Eric's big smooches with that look on her face as a couple.
Petra Kern